Platoon Roster

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Platoon Roster

Post by Vasiil on Sat Jul 21, 2018 11:26 am

Platoon Headquarters Element
Platoon Commander -
Platoon Sergeant - GySgt James Banner

Tactical Element 1 "Maddog"
Element Leader - Sgt Greger Vikerson
Recon Marine - Cpl Morgan Shield
Recon Marine - LCpl Jan Plamenomet
Recon Marine -
SARC - HM3 Douglas Caster

Tactical Element 2 "Eskimo"
Element Leader - Sgt William Osborne
Recon Marine -  LCpl Lance Beaulle
Recon Marine - LCpl Joseph Santiago
Recon Marine - Pfc Lilith Kei

Scout Sniper Team
Sniper - LCpl Jex Mason
Sniper - Pfc Darin Sark

Secret Level Classification:
ONI Attaches:
Field Agent - ENS Tamas Geduldig

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