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Company Roster

Post by Vasiil on Sat Nov 24, 2018 4:22 pm

Company Command Element (CCE) "Raider"
Lieutenant Commander Douglas Boidheach - Commanding Officer(MS)
Staff Lieutenant Michael Wolff - Executive Officer(TS)
N/A - Company Chief

First Section

Section Leader: 1stLt Daniel Vernon(V)
Section Chief: SvC Emma Thatcher
Tactical Element 1-1 (TE1-1) “Hoplite”
Element Leader: SvC Emma Thatcher(CQS)
Specialized Marine/Assistant Element Leader: Cpl Wilhelm Osborne(A)
Specialized Marine:
Specialized Marine: Pfc David Weston(S)

Tactical Element 1-2 (TE1-2) “Principe"
Element Leader: Cpl Jack Miller(AR)
Specialized Marine/Assistant Element Leader: LCpl Abel Archuleta
Specialized Marine: Pfc Alexander Noble(A)
Specialized Marine:

Second Section

Section Leader: N/A
Section Chief: SvC Raik Arglack
Tactical Element 2-1 (TE2-1) “Corsair”
Element Leader: SvC Raik Arglack(CQS)
Specialized Marine/Assistant Element Leader: LCpl Niles Pershing(G)
Specialized Marine: Pfc Avitana Ramicolus(A)
Specialized Marine: Pfc Aquilarius Agrillian(CE)
Corpsman: HM Nguyen Kim-Ly

Tactical Element 2-2 (TE2-2) “Viking"
Element Leader: SvC Sanilra Edoris(V)
Specialized Marine/Assistant Element Leader: LCpl Genesis(M)
Specialized Marine: Pfc Zack Green(TS)
Specialized Marine: Pfc Jinx Cipher(SAB)
Corpsman: HA Vail Seria

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