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Welcome to Sirta

Post by Lapis on Sat Jan 27, 2018 11:47 am

Welcome to the Sirta Foundation homepage! We are the top public medical research and development firm in the known galaxy. Our Headquarters is currently located on the Citadel, at Presidium Gantry #7, suite 902.

Our Products and Achievements


Medi-Gel was invented in 2174 by Sirta Foundation scientists on Chohe. It is now used by military, civilians, and medical staff alike across the galaxy.
Warning; consuming higher than advised dosage can result in hyper intensiveness and difficulty focusing, increased heart rate, and trouble sleeping. Please follow medical professional's instructions at all times.

Gene Therapy

Close-up of human genetic therapy
Gene therapy has been around since before the discovery of the Charon Relay by humanity, but the Sirta Foundation has pioneered its uses for every known race in the galaxy. Whether you need your immune therapy done at a young age, or genetic conditioning over a lifetime, the Sirta Foundation has what you need.

Phoenix Armor

Seen here modeled by Commander Shepard and Ashley Williams
The Phoenix Armor system, a collaboration between Rosenkov and Sirta, was invented in 2182 to provide for the Systems Alliance. The armor's balance of shields and plating provided a welcome balance from other armor suits, as well as a built in medi-gel dispensary system. Its design was quickly commissioned for other races due to popular demand, including but not limited to Krogan, Turian, and Quarian.
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