Cerberus Cell discovered on Alliance Colony of Trident

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Cerberus Cell discovered on Alliance Colony of Trident

Post by Lapis on Wed Jun 27, 2018 7:52 pm


"Systems Alliance investigators on the planet Trident have uncovered a Cerberus cell. Authorities seized the human-survivalist group's laboratory, finding two dozen prisoners who claim that Cerberus subjected them to biotic-suppressing drugs with potentially brain damaging side effects. The captives were briefly questioned before being released back to their families. Only one Cerberus operative was captured during the rescue operation. Six others were killed and two reportedly committed suicide rather than face arrest.

Victims told federal investigators of a "torture den" where Cerberus doctors drugged and forced captives to perform biotic actions to exhaustion. "The pain in my head was unbelievable," said a female survivor who asked to remain anonymous. "I couldn't even feel my feet. I thought I had a stroke. A man died of a cerebral hemorrhage, and I would've gone next if they hadn't rescued us when they did."
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