New Hierarchy Dreadnoughts commissioned into the Fleet

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New Hierarchy Dreadnoughts commissioned into the Fleet

Post by Lapis on Sat Feb 03, 2018 5:53 pm

Citadel Station News

"Despite protest from several military figures, The Turian Hierarchy has moved forward with its plans for three new dreadnoughts, whose keels were laid in 2183 shortly after the Battle of the Citadel. The TSV Cipritine, the largest of the three dreadnoughts, is a one-off vessel, and is the second largest dreadnought in recorded history. It is equipped with two spinal Thanix railguns and huge missile batteries. The vessel itself is built around the Thanix guns. The other two, the TSV Helgatus and the TSV Ennimus, are a new class of Hierarchy dreadnought designed specifically to combat Geth ships and withstand extreme damage from Thanix-level weaponry. Primarch Fedorian has commented saying "These ships will ensure that the Hierarchy's fleet is ready to secure Citadel Space from any and all possible incursions."

"The TSV Cipritine has moved into the Citadel Fleet alongside the Destiny Ascension, and the TSV Helgatus and TSV Ennimus orbit Palaven."
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