Invasion of Gatol: Assault on Stratham OPORD

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Invasion of Gatol: Assault on Stratham OPORD

Post by Vasiil on Fri Nov 23, 2018 7:05 pm

The following OPORD will describe the plans for the Assault on Stratham and 2nd MSRCs specific goals within the operation.

Section 1: Situation

The planetary guns on the surface have been disabled, allowing our fleets to win a decisive victory. However, smaller scaled AA guns still occupy the area around the planets capitol city, the Megapolis known as Stratham. Alliance Forces are forced to make landings outside of the operational AA range. Several elite marine battalions are dropping in closer to these guns to pave way for the main force to invade. The 2nd MSRC has been requested to assist in these operations. Permission pending...Authorized.

Section 2: Assets

26th Marine Expeditionary Force

  • Elements of 103rd Marine Division
  • Gatolian Liberation Front 'Nordenser' Cell
  • 1st Marine Light Armor Battalion (M35 Makos)

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