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Sam Salgado

Post by miaciucci on Sun Sep 02, 2018 4:27 pm

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Sam Salgado

Sam Salgado You know that the patriarchy is real when your nightmares are suddenly all based around evil men.
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Sam Salgado I'm totally fine with your statement, Ryan Klein, because you're publically displaying your sexism and misogyny. It's more embarassing for you than you claim this status to be for me.
Ryan Klein I literally just sent you seven links that all say the patriarchy doesn't exist
Caitlyn White please shut up sam

Sam Salgado was at Times Square yesterday at 12pm.
A photo of me protesting with other college students at the most recent Republican summit!

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Colleen Whittaker College students? I thought you dropped out of high school.
             Sam Salgado Colleen Whittaker I did, but if I stayed in school, I'd be a college sophomore right now. Also, I think
             I have similar problems as the average college student (financial, identity, etc.), so socially, I am a college student.
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Sam Salgado -- is feeling violated.
I can't wait until I move out. I can relate to this so much.

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Tony Brown Sam Salgado stepchildren unite!!!!
             Sam Salgado Tony Brown lov u

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