Sector Agent Tyran Veros

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Sector Agent Tyran Veros

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Character Information:

Name: Tyran Veros
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 41

Physical Description:  5’11|Blue Eyes|Above-Average Build|Black Hair|Clean Shaven|Early Forties|
Vocals: Qrow Branwen from RWBY, voiced by Vic Mignogna

Primary Weapon: E-11 Blaster Rifle
Secondary Weapon: Scout Trooper Blaster Pistol, Imperial Riot Shock Staff

Ships: Imperial Strike Cruiser 'Valiant', CR-92A 'Assassin' Class Corvette 'Marauder'; Modified TIE/IN Interceptor Star Fighter

Droid: N/A

Credits: N/A




Faction Information

Faction Allegiance: Galactic Empire
Rank: Sector Agent (ISB Sector Commander)


Stat Sheet


Strength - 5
Agility - 5
Intelligence - 5
Charisma - 4
Luck - 3
Perception - 4


First Aid - 30
Persuasion - 30
Tracking - 30
Salvaging - 5
Light Weapons - 50
Heavy Weapons - 50
Marksmanship - 50
Melee - 50
Throwing - 40
Slicing - 30
Pickpocket - 5
Force Power - N/A
Piloting - 50
Stealth - 30
Evasion - 30


The Galaxy

Reputation - Known in the Outer Rim and Imperial Command
Renown - 0
Influence - 0

Outer Rim

Reputation - Well-Known
Renown - 0
Influence - 0


Reputation - Feared and Hated
Renown - 0
Influence - 0


Reputation - Feared and Respected
Renown - 0
Influence - 0

Ord Mantell

Reputation - Feared and Respected
Renown - 0
Influence - 0











Service Record - Clone Wars: Second Battle of Geonosis (21 BBY); Battle of Kamino (21 BBY); Battle of Sullest (20 BBY); Battle of Umbara(20 BBY); Cardia Incident (20 BBY); Invasion of Scipio (19 BBY); Battle for Anaxes (19 BBY); Battle of Coruscant (19 BBY)

Imperial Period - Battle of Kashyyyk (19 BBY); Skirmish on Eraidu (19 BBY); Subjugation of Mon Calamari (19BBY); Second Battle of Kashyyyk (18 BBY); Battle of Naboo (18 BBY);  

17 BBY - Joined COMPNOR, Imperial Security Bureau, Investigations Branch

12 BBY - Finished Training, deployed as Field Agent in the Outer Rim

12 BBY - Ord Cestus Insurgency - Participated in multiple anti-terrorism and insurgency operations on Ord Cestus alongside Imperial Army forces, earned praise for tactical thinking and brutal efficiency from superiors.

10 BBY - 6 BBY Reslian Purge Conflict

6 BBY - Present: Tatooine Garrison in Mos Eisley.

Tyran Veros was born on Cardia in 46BBY and raised in the Veros family, who held a long line of proud naval officers who served the Republic in both military and Civilian roles. Tyran was very interested and devoted in his family's long history, doing extremely well in both his school subjects and sports activities, and when he reached of age, he enlisted in the Cardian Planetary Defense Force, recieved training and served two years, then applied and was accepted for the Republic Navy War College on Anaxes sometime before the Clone Wars.

At the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Veros served aboard the Carrack Light Cruiser 'Defender', but transfered to a front-line post as the conflict dragged on, eventually serving as a Commander aboard the Venator-Class Star Destroyer 'Retribution.' Veros would fight with honor and dignity during many battles during the war, all the way up until the Rise of the Empire and Order 66.

Veros offered full loyalty to the new Empire, continuing his service until mid 19BBY when he enlisted in COMPNOR to help uphold the values of the Empire. He accepted a demotion to the rank of Lieutenant and began training to become an ISB Investigations Field Agent, which he performed well in all of his classes and demonstrated a high degree of skill. His instructors commented he would have made a good Stormtrooper.

In 12BBY, he graduated and was assigned to an Imperial Task Force operating in the Ord Cestus system, where he fought alongside Imperial Army forces against a rising group of Insurgents that had taken key sectors in the planet and were waging a brutal guerrilla war that was being supported by much of the local populace. Using his skills, Veros was able to uncover and raid several important Guerrilla bases and was commended by Imperial Command for his skill and dedication to the principles of the Empire.

Afterwards Veros was transferred from post to post as rumors of Rebellion began to surge throughout the Empire, he upheld the rules and laws of the Galactic Empire and was eventually transferred to the Tatooine Imperial Garrison, which Veros felt was a dead-end for his career as the planet was ruled by the Hutts and maintained an Imperial presence in system.


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