Creating A New Character

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Creating A New Character

Post by Revival on Thu Aug 23, 2018 11:37 am

In comparison to our other roleplays we have done in the past; Star wars and the Fantasy RP are some of our most extravagant ones to date. Not because of the story - but it might be a reason. But for the character creation itself. In both of these RP's, it is treated like a traditional tabletop RPG with certain stats going into certain places. I'm here to go over what these stats are, and how to make your first 'character' in star wars. If you are new to our server, make sure you read this.


Attributes on the server are comprised of six different ones. At your first level, you are given 11 that you can spread out among your skills. You must have at least one in each.

STRENGTH: How hard you hit and how much you can carry.
AGILITY: How fast you are and how quick your character is.
INTELLIGENCE: How smart you are and if you know things others don't.
CHARISMA: How well you can talk yourself out of and into situations.
PERCEPTION: How well you notice something or how good your aim is.
LUCK: How lucky you are.

Each skill is associated with a certain attribute. Ranging to possible roll bonuses or roll minimums. Bonuses are exactly what they sound like, giving certain advantages or disadvantages  in combat. Minimums work differently.

Minimums, in comparison to other roleplays; focus on how 'low' a character can roll. Lets say you are facing against a character named Randy Guy Cinco; and his minimum roll is thirty.

/roll Randy Guy Cinco
Randy Guy Cinco has rolled a 12

Instead of it being a 12, his roll will instantly go to thirty. It is to give a certain air of challenge in combat - and to not make everything a stomp.

For Attributes, for every three you have in one attribute - you have a +5 roll bonus for all skills.


Skills, work differently. Instead of being overall IC buffs to your character, instead these ones focus on the skills. We're going to go over each one and what they mean. At your first level, you may highlight THREE skills; these three skills will instantly be jumped up to 15, giving you an advantage with those skills.

(I)First Aid - How well you can treat a wound  with your own IC Knowledge.
(C)Persuasion - How well you can talk with NPCs/Event Characters and suggest things.
(P)Tracking - How well you can spot things and follow them.
(L)Salvaging - How lucky you are at finding certain things or repairing objects.
(A)Light Weapons - How well you can fire weapons that are 'light' weapons (Blaster Pistols, etc.)
(S)Heavy Weapons - How well you can fire weapons that are 'heavy' weapons (Bowcaster, Rifles etc.)
(P)Marksmanship - How well you can shoot from far away. (Focusing around Sniper Rifles as a whole).
(S)Melee - How strong you are when fighting with a melee weapon (Vibro-Blades, regular melee weapons, etc.)
(S)Throwing - How far you can throw (Throwing objects, Axes, spears, etc.)
(I)Slicing - How well you are at hacking computers, ships, and droids.
(A)Evasion - How fast you are when dodging enemy fire.
(A)Stealth - How good you are at sneaking around and being stealthy.
(P)Piloting - How well you are at piloting spacecraft.
(A)Pickpocket - How nimble your fingers are with stealing things.
Force Power - How attuned you are to the force.

Generally, each of these can be upgraded through 'levels'. Levels are gained whenever an admin deems you have done enough quests with enough difficulty. You can have a maximum of 20 Levels.

Each level that is an even number (2, 4, 6...) gives you ten skill points and one attribute point.
Each level that is an odd number (3, 5, 7...) gives you five skill points and one attribute point.

Generally, the higher the skill is, the higher knowledge you have with it. Rules may apply when upgrading a skill, and make sure you talk with an admin if you are not sure. For every ten points you have in one skill, you get a minimum roll for that amount (10, 20, 30...).



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