Captain of rogue Normandy-class vessel apprehended

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Captain of rogue Normandy-class vessel apprehended

Post by Kravis on Sat Jun 23, 2018 7:16 am


"Early this morning, the Systems Alliance reported that the Captain of the recently reported rogue Normandy-Class frigate was arrested last night in a daring raid by the Human Alliance's Ain Jalut, another Normandy-class vessel spearheaded by N7 Commando Captain Kozlov. At the current moment, The Alliance told the public that the Captain, who's name has not been shared, is to stand trial directly to the Council due to his former Spectre status. The Council has commented that the trial will not be televised and will strictly be conducted privately to avoid admirers, particularly those of Saren, from attending and causing unrest."

"The Council has assured the Systems Alliance that the Captain will be handled in accordance to Galactic Citadel law."
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