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Whitney Abbot

Post by miaciucci on Tue Jun 12, 2018 3:56 pm

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> Whitney Abbot :: Whitney Abbot Selected.

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Personnel Identification Information

Personnel Identification Image:

Name: Whitney Abbot
Aliases: 'Whit'
Gender: Female
Ranking: --
Identification Tag: 4515-0415-WA
Ex: 1147-8745-JD

Physical Appearance: Whitney is a 5'9", 140-pound woman with blonde, curly shoulder-length hair and green eyes. She has a lightly toned upper body and core, and muscular legs. Her skin is quite tanned, and her hair is a yellow-tinted blonde that naturally curls and frizzes, however she tries her best to keep it at a nice wave. She has a round-shaped face, and her eyes are very hooded. and are a muted green. She has a straight nose, and each of her lips are the same in size. When she smiles, her cheeks become quite round, and she has quite straight teeth. She tends to be very expressive while talking.
Vocal Sample: A medium-tone with dramatic highs and lows.


Personnel Training/Experience Information

Training: Master's degree in Criminal Psychology, Police Academy Training, MIIP Training
Assignment: TSR-1 Barbarossa
Operational Status: Active
Previous Occupation(s): Police Detective, MIIP Trainer
Specialization: Field Intelligence
Awards/Decorations: MIIP Seal of Excellency
Battle/Service Record: Police cadet for half year. Police officer for 1 year. Detective for 3 years. MIIP Agent for 1 year. MIIP Captain for 2 years.
Casualty Classification: --


Organization Relationships

Faction Allegiance: MIIP
Listed Liked Factions: Alliance, Turian Hierarchy, Asari
Listed Disliked Factions: Batarians, Krogans
Listed Neutral Factions: All not listed
Hostile Factions: Criminals, hostile lifeforms

Personal Relationships

Hekoh Thouk is a talented biotic. His skills bring balance to our crew. I consider him a friend now.

Captain Gabriel Staffen has the most similar passion in this mission to my own, so I'm more than okay with him being captain. I'm just glad he trusts me, even after knowing everything. I finally have a friend.

James Moore feels much like a brother to me. Or maybe, a son. There is nothing more important to him than fighting, and although it will most likely be the death of him, I respect that.

Barrik Volgun is a straightfoward man who shares priorities with the Captain. I respect him, and I am glad he is alive.

Captain Ronan Aaetrius is brainwashed by a device that came from this rogue AI device. He still wants to stop the Reapers, but he's destroyed himself in the process. I think he might be dead, actually. I couldn't tell.

Dylan Oshner and I made up only minutes before he was killed. He wasn't a bad man, he was just sticking to what he knew. I wish things had gone differently. I will miss him.

Matthew Colt is another really great alternate for captain. I still have to learn about him personally, though.

Peter Walsh is a heart too easy to break.

Timothy Lancaster didn't deserve to die with this group. He should have died somewhere that he was comfortable being in. He never trusted anyone but me, and I don't think I even deserved that.

Bris would probably be at peace with the way she died.

Doctor Lee Yun is a talented worker who prioritizes his patients. I've gained his respect as a medical practitioner, as well.

Flynt Thatcher seems... emotionally intelligent. That's all I can tell so far.

Jason Kelce seems like a real charming people-person. Him and I have the skill of understanding people in common; we also have in common that our professions usually don't require such a skill.

Current Thoughts
Somebody up above made sure that I remained uninjured so I may help with the healing, and so I may finally bond with this crew through caring for them the best I can.
Objective: Priority: Ensure the absolute physical and mental health of each and every member of this crew. Continue to gain respect from the crew. Learn more about Colt and Staffen.

Personal History
Whitney Abbot was born 2156 in Cincinnati, Ohio to two parents and a brother. Her early life is undocumented in most forms. She received her GED with a 3.9 GPA, and finished college at 24 years old with a 4.0 GPA. While finishing her sixth year of college, she began Police Academy training, and then spent a year as a police officer. Then, she spent three years balancing a police detective job, MIIP Agency, and MIIP Training, before joining this group.

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Re: Whitney Abbot

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Updated Gabe and Colt


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