Character Authorization Application: Claire Forester

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Character Authorization Application: Claire Forester

Post by Revival on Wed May 09, 2018 5:35 am

Steam Name: |1-RCO| Revival
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:47413724

How long have you been roleplaying?: Aprox 10 years
How long have you been playing serious GMod RP?: 5 years
How long have you been playing serious Fallout RP?: 2-3 Years
Do you have decent knowledge with the Fallout canon?: Decent, it could use some improvement

Character's Full Name: Claire Forester
Character's Age: 27
Character's Physical Description: 5'6 / Darker Skinned / Dark Black Hair / Dark Brown Eyes / Duster Coat / Dark Green Shirt / Pair of Old Denim / Black, Leather Fingerless Gloves /  Medical Kit On Side /
Character's Gender: Female
Character's Race: Human

Authorizations being applied for:

Advanced Medical Training: Advanced medical skills pertaining to surgery and nursing without the usage of Stimpaks.
Equipment - Medical Supplies: A set of simple medical supplies, most commonly found in a first aid kit. (Scalpels, Needle/Thread, Bandages, tweezers, etc.).
Weapon - Single Shot Shotgun: A single shot shotgun with a short reload time, commonly used as a makeshift firearm apart of the New California Republic in low supply areas.

Write a detailed in-canon backstory how your character obtained these authorizations:(One - Two paragraphs)

Claire's parents, Nicole and Claus Forester were apart of the New California Republic; more specifically as trained doctors who worked at forward operating bases within the Mohave desert in the early 2210's. Despite the full force swing of the NCR-Raiders War, Nicole and Claus were not privy to attacks from raider camps. On one particularly troubling evening in 2218, Nicole and Claus Forester's FOB was attacked in the cover of night by a group of miscellaneous raiders who were the targets of attacks. Despite the attack ceasing this particular branch of raiders attacking the outpost, Claire's Father, Claus was murdered brutally in front of Nicole. This event pushed Nicole harder to stay in the front lines, but one thing that was not found out until three months later on the eve of 2219 was the fact that Nicole was pregnant with Claire. Due to this, she was forced to the back lines, yet this never stopped Nicole; as she continued to work on the people who came to her field hospital. Even taking up arms when defending the homefront, despite the necessary risks it gave her and her child.

In response to the birth of their daughter, Claire was taught from a young age how to work with a needle and thread. She was no stranger to the medical workplace, instead of learning how to count and read from old; pre-war instructions. Claire learned how to count and read from old medical books that her mother had laying around. In her childhood she found the comfort whilst helping her mother work on patients. When she turned sixteen Claire was already assisting her mother in surgery and nursing. Two years later she was in her mothers footsteps, joining the New California Republic as a light infantry member and a residential combat medic. Armed with a Single Shot-Shotgun that was more in line with a blunderbuss, a medical kit that she still wears to this day and a pre-worn uniform, Claire's first real assignment came when she was twenty-four, where she was sent to scout out the Baja with a small patrol. Dedicated to figure out and broker peace with raider groups and those who were coming out of hiding. Instead, her patrol was ambushed, and mercilessly slaughtered. Claire found herself trapped and hidden away in a old cave. Whilst the Raiders looted her former friends corpses, she was forced to stitch up a gunshot wound she pertained, leaving a nasty scar on her leg. Instead of coming back to the NCR to report what happened, Claire found this attack an opportunity to raise a new life. Finding herself wandering the wastelands for her own uses. Soon coming across the town of Yuma. Settling down as a medic, and a person who had her own vendettas to settle in the Wastelands, finding her best option.

List the pros of these authorizations:

The usage of having surgical tools and medical skills does increase RP potential, instead of having lazy writing involving the injection of stimpaks:
The Single Shotgun is, despite it being a powerful gun has its own drawbacks as a weapon, and is not too overpowered to be used in the Baja.
This eeleviates issues on the part of the Event Team, giving them more opportunities to focus on events instead of role-playing as a medic.

List the cons of these authorizations:

The Shotgun, as it is a single shot, can be life or death for Claire. Where if she misses, the target she doesn't hit will have a time-frame to attack her without getting blasted with it.
The medical skills, whilst being important, also heighten her weaknesses involving stimpaks. Where the usage of them are considered highly valued and shouldn't be used unless absolutely necessary.
Despite surgery being a common focus; this does not pretain to removal of foreign objects in the body or more medical reasons (Cancerous growths, heart diseases).

Do you understand that if you abuse these authorizations, you can and will have them removed from your character or killed outright?: Yes, and I expect it to if they are abused to limits that would be bordering on Metagaming and powergaming.

Write a 10-15 line /me scenario of you making use of the above authorizations:


/me stepped forward throughout the Baja Wasteland, what came across the former NCR soldier was a pair of two feral dogs. The dogs circling around the woman as she aimed her shotgun at each of them. Both of the dogs snarled at her, as Claire stepped forward, firing her first shot, aimed at one that was standing still. Watching it as the head caved in from the blow, as she quickly uncocked the gun. Out of the corner of her eyes was the second feral dog, jumping on her side as it tried to push her to the ground. Its teeth barred and digging into her collar, as she shucked her elbow back into its head, pushing it back as she turned outwards. Loading in the second shotgun shell as she aimed it forward towards the dog, misfiring as the dog vaulted onto her, pellets grazing its side as she put the shotgun up towards its mouth, as it gripped tightly onto the gun metal, making Claire hold on for dear life, trying to push the dog backwards. The dog continued its violent tendencies, as she pushed back the dog, standing up as she quickly loaded up her next shotgun round. Closing the barrel as she fired at the dog, watching as it hit it in the side. The Dog whining as Claire stepped forward. Loading in a final shotgun round as she aimed down at its head, firing into its head. Turning around as she expected to go about her day, when a third dog; unseen from her eyes jumped on top of her. As she used her gun barrel as a stick again, unloading the used shell as it popped out of the gun, still holding onto the gun to push back the dog. As she turned the tables, pushing forward enough so she was on top of the dog, a knee on its chest as she pulled out a combat knife, stabbing downwards; attempting to kill it. Watching as the dog squirmed with the gun metal in its barred teeth, watching it die as she stood up. Brushing herself off as she rubbed the collar, feeling blood drawn, not enough to worry about as she walked onwards; focused more on the task at hand involving her scavenging run.

Medical Tools/Advanced Knowledge:

/me Turned her head, focusing away from her clipboard to her patient on the table. A man who was hooked up to an IV stand, with two gunshot wounds to his chest. There was obvious signs of a struggle. The wounds were close range as well, so whoever fired the gun was focused more so on using it as a self defense tool. The wounds themselves were small, 9mm caliber rounds. In-itself, this is something that she would use a stimpak for and send him on his way, but according to his attire, it seems like he wouldn't be able to pay the costs it would require for her to actually use the stimpak on him. If she used it, it would force him to do more dangerous work and she didn't want to pay debt collector again with a new member of Yuma. As she softly pulled out a scalpel, and a pair of tweezers. Before she even opened up the man, she pulled out a small canister of purified water, pouring it over the scalpels blade and the forceps of the tweezers. Rubbing a small washcloth over each piece of metal. Starting to work as she leaned forward, softly opening up the first gunshot wound. Making a set of two insertions, both ninety degrees  apart from one another, giving more access into the gunshot wound. As she set aside the scalpel for now; setting it on a pair of rags as she softly pulled out the pair of tweezers, stretching apart the wound with her hand. Pulling out a crumpled bullet, glad that it didn't break apart in the muscle tissue. As she sets the bullet casing onto the rag where the scalpel was. Letting go of his skin where the two incisions were made. Reaching forward as she opened up the second gunshot wound with the scalpel in the same fashion. However; what she realized was in there wasn't a whole bullet. But instead a fractured bullet, breaking off after hitting one of his ribs. As she started to carefully extract each one of the fragmented bullets, looking over at the patient, realizing he could wake up at any moment she quickly stopped working. Setting the tools aside as she found a Jet Inhaler. Despite its chemical properties, it could be used to help numb pain or help one fall to sleep. As she soon pulled out the final tool, a set of needle and thread, pouring the small water canister over the needle as she cleaned it off with yet another rag. Starting to thread the needle and start to puncture his skin, stitching the two areas where the gunshot wound were, starting from her incisions. Soon, her handiwork was done, grabbing her scalpel as she cut off the string from the needle. Picking up her station, ready for the scavenger to wake up.

Lastly, understand that if you are accepted, you will still be monitored to make sure that you're capable of rping with these authorizations correctly, If you cannot then your auths will be revoked: Understood

Extra Notes:

This character's authorizations are used for a different version of this character that I had in mind. Either way she would be considered a doctor, however the first option (Where there's no accepted authorizations). Would be a focus more on leaving home and never being apart of the NCR; And never learning the medical trade that well from her mother. This second option, would give her that training and give her an edge in the Baja, whilst still limiting her in stinginess involving medical supplies. The weapon itself can be negated entirely from the story, and that is why it seems like there's less involved in the work behind that /me scenario. I'm perfectly fine with just having the medical authorizations and getting a different weapon that would make sense (a pistol, for example).

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Re: Character Authorization Application: Claire Forester

Post by Kravis on Wed May 09, 2018 9:44 am

Just a few things. A single shot shotgun atm is hard to recreate so you can either get a double barrel shotgun or a pistol. Also, the /me lines are usually done in a way like this

/me man walks up to campsite

/me he sits down and opens up a bottle to drink.

So it's not really all in one paragraph but i already know that you can RP. So


Just know that event team isn't going to be helping anyone out in this rp. So players can only buy supplies or come to you for help.
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