Super Mutant Application Format (-- spots)

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Super Mutant Application Format (-- spots)

Post by Kravis on Tue May 08, 2018 2:22 pm

Steam Name:
Steam ID:

How long have you been roleplaying?:
How long have you been playing serious GMod RP?:
How long have you been playing serious Fallout RP?:
Do you have decent knowledge with the Fallout canon?:

Mutant's Name:
Mutant's Age:
Mutant's Physical Description:
Mutant's Gender:
Mutant's sub-race: (Generation of mutant/nightkin)

Write a detailed in-canon backstory on how your character became a mutant:(One - Two paragraphs)
Give me a brief summary on what The Unity was and who the Master was:
Do you understand that if you abuse these authorizations, you can and will have them removed from your character or killed outright?:
Do you also understand that as a mutant you are not invincible and that you can die just like any other character?:
Write a 10-15 line /me scenario of you making use of the above authorizations:
Lastly, those accepted are put on a trial to see how their rping capability is. If you fail to rp correctly as a mutant or abuse your authorization. You will have the mutant auth removed. Do you understand?:

Extra Notes: (optional)
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