The Baja Badlands

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The Baja Badlands

Post by Kravis on Mon May 07, 2018 3:48 pm

"Here we are truly free! No Republic! No Enclave! No Regulators! This is our paradise! And you're welcome to DIE IN IT!" - Bogus Badman, Leader of the Warhawks

"Some say they use to be sane. Other say they simply worked hard to achieve where they are now. In either case, the Baja Badlands get it's name from the psychotic raiders that make their home here. Driven out by the NCR and the Enclave from California, Nevada, Arizona, and surrounding territories. The Baja Badlands is now nothing more than a giant stretch of land covered in debris, radiation and corpses. The land however is rich in necessary resources to build a thriving community. It only requires a little bit of work. And some house cleaning."

"The NCR is still dealing with the problem of the Brotherhood of Steel in the North as well as the recent defeat of the Enclave to think about expanding south. Meaning the badlands remain in control of it's tyrannical guardian, Bogus Badman and his vicious Warhawks."
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