Vladykino's Laws

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Vladykino's Laws

Post by Kravis on Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:23 am

*A piece of paper is nailed up on the board in the top left, right underneath the introduction paper.*

"Take your time to memorize the rules of Vladykino to avoid trouble in the future."

  1. Murder is prohibited, the punishment is death or exile.
  2. Stealing is prohibited, the punishment is incarceration or death.
  3. Fighting is not allowed. the punishment for causing unrest is incarceration or a stiff 'reminder'.
  4. All groups are welcomed to Vladykino, but the moment you start a fight, or kill someone, or generally upset the peace. You will be dealt with properly.
  5. Weapons are to be holstered at all times inside the station unless being used in self-defense or defense of the station

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