Brandon Pierce's Personal Handbook

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Brandon Pierce's Personal Handbook

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Section 01

Criteria for Species, and their hostilities

1.   The 'Grazers'

The Grazer's are about six-seven feet tall and aren't really a huge deal unless you're dealing with the Alpha Grazer.. a size comparison of at least four times larger than the small. Grazers are usually found in packs, although some may stray off. So far, I believe Alpha's may have a strong sense and focus of where the small have traveled. If a kill occurs, the Alpha is bound very likely to resolve the issue. This also means that an Alpha is believed to be the only strong and hostile force and caretaker of the pack.

Hostility :  Passive, Limited

2.   The 'Beetles
- 01

The beetles have red backs and are only found in packs, traveling with each other all the time. It is unknown if this bug all-together thinks alike, or just closely follows their own kind. Generally, they never attack and don't seem to have any sense of fear.

Hostility: None

3. Birds / bat  01

Not much is known for right now. 

4.    Pit Crawler

These tough things are enormous in size and found at the bottom of canyons, or ravines. You should Not approach them, as they may use their defensive front legs to smash you! They also use their hind legs to help slightly scale walls and devour small to medium sized creatures.

Hostility: Dangerous, approach with caution

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