ICV Praefectis, Pride of the ACADF

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ICV Praefectis, Pride of the ACADF

Post by Lapis on Wed Apr 04, 2018 5:25 pm

ICV Praefectis is the command ship for the Andromeda Colonial Administration Defense Force's naval division. At 900 meters long, it is the largest combat vessel in the Initiative's arsenal, 95 meters longer than a standard Alliance dreadnought. Built with a mixture of Human, Turian, and Salarian designs, the Praefectis is a shining example of what inter-species development can accomplish. It brandishes a jaw-dropping six Thanix cannons, with four mounted on two swiveling turrets on the bow, and two embedded between the main mass accelerators provided by the Turian Hierarchy. With a total of 54 independently operating mass accelerator cannons, and its two main guns running the length of the ship, the Praefectis is prepared to tackle oncoming targets from any direction. The Salarian Union contributed their infrared GARDIAN defense grid to the Praefectis, making her able to shoot down incoming fighters, missiles, or bombs with lightning precision and power. The bulk of the ship's hull and systems were designed by the Systems Alliance and the Andromeda Initiative, making the base hull template a human design. Praefectis comes equipped with the Initiative's ODSY drive system, and six massive antiproton thrusters mounted on the stern for propulsion.
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