Colonial Construction 001: WIP

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Colonial Construction 001: WIP

Post by Revival on Wed Apr 04, 2018 2:30 pm

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>CC001: Garrison Construction
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>CC001: Colonial General :: Colonial General Selected

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Colony Construction 001: Temp Name: Cretaceous

Lead Engineer: Gabriel I. Collins

Purpose: Establish Human Colony on Foecarra

Note, this file is under construction, and will be edited in the future for convenience of the project. Gabriel's notes are not representing the views of the Andromeda Initiative and they should not be considered the definite views behind the engineering division, as plans change with time.


Military Garrison (-----------)
Coordinates: Classified
Purpose: To house military members for guarding location.

Scientific Outpost (-----------)
Coordinates: Classified
Purpose: To understand planet fully.

Bridge Code 1-001
Coordinates: Classified
Transfer Troops from Garrison towards Farming Outpost

Bridge Code 1-002
Purpose: Construction of a bridge to connect the farming outpost towards colony site 3.
Location: See Image file


Gabriel's Notes: This shouldn't be that hard, Truss Analysis suggests that the suggested angles should be at a 45°. On both sides of the river, alongside a railing on both ends. Should be estimated 25ft. Long, and 10 feet wide. Truss Analysis also gives suggestion that the bridge should hold up to 10 tons. (20'000 lbs). Though that remains to be seen in projected testings on software. I want to get this bridge set up first, so I'll be notifying engineering conscripts to work as soon as possible.

Under Construction

Farming Outpost (-----------)
Coordinates: (See Whitaker for Details)
Purpose: To produce sustainability on the colony.
Length of Construction: (FIX)
Gabriel's Notes: It just needs more farming equipment, more farming huts, and defensive measures. But with the relic closeby, I'm going to suggest that we put more defenses around the location.


Not Built

Colony Basecamp
Purpose: To set up where the colony will be built.
Possible Locations: See Image File


Location 1: Outside of Farming Outpost:
Gabriel's Notes: The location is a logistical plesentry, for the farm is right next to it. Granted, there are its own flaws, considering the creatures we encountered and their religious relic, we are going to have to build heavy plated walls that are heat resistant due to the plasma weapons the sapient creatures on the planet are using. It will also be one of the more expansive locations due to the natural spring that is nearby in the river. As long as Jones doesn't spill anything in it.

Location 2: Around/Inside of Kraken Pit:
Gabriel's Notes: The A.I is suggesting that this is the best place to build a colony, but I completely disagree with that. There are multiple forms of hostile life inside and outside surrounding the pit, alongside the fact that the sapient creatures, if they are smart enough can entrap civilians and bombard it with ease. Unless we're suggesting the idea to dig into the mountain. Even then, it's a logistical nightmare and is too far away from the farming outpost. For now, I suggest this one very low.

Location 3: Pond close to Military Outpost:
Gabriel's Notes: The location is within itself a reasonable distance from the military outpost. Yet it will require some building prep so we have a good way to get into the farming outpost. It's a good place to set up. There is the issue of hostile wildlife, but nothing reinforcements can't fix. It also is the closest location to the scientist outpost, but It won't have a tampered water supply unless Jones ruins something there as well.

Sentry Fortifications
Location: Gate of Farming Outpost (---------)
Purpose: To Deter and provide defense against wildlife and alien lifeforms.
Gabriel's Notes: This was a shitshow of an attack, those spiders swarmed and killed one of the colonial guards, and we couldn't get there in time. We also had cooperation issues on the field, but it shouldn't be in the future. Images provide the turrets stand.
Other Instructions: Provide the Engineers with the Turrets Schematics, they should be confidential. Each turret stand should be the same.


Scientific Reinforcements:
Purpose: Reinforcements dedicated to the scientific outpost (---------)'s exit. Segmented into two parts.
Location: Cave entrance of Bridge Code 1-001
Gabriel's Notes: It's segmented into two parts, the Pillbox, and the wall fortifications. Make sure that you carry the supplies across the bridge carefully, it should be able to be hold whatever you carry across, but if it breaks it's going to bring that outpost into the water.

Image File 005: Pillbox:



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