Andromeda Initiative First Contact Protocol

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Andromeda Initiative First Contact Protocol

Post by Lapis on Sun Apr 01, 2018 12:31 pm

In the event any member of the Pathfinder Team encounters intelligent alien life, it is imperative that first contact protocols be strictly observed. The Andromeda Initiative holds the principles of peace and cooperation among our highest ideals. Aggressive action against extraterrestrials is only permitted when hostile intent is clearly demonstrated and Pathfinder team members are at obvious risk of serious injury or death.

Upon deeming a lifeform as sentient enough to comprehend language and possesses high level technology, the First Contact holo-vid should be displayed for the aliens, which itself documents all Milky Way species accounted for in the Initiative, and our languages, and that we come from a separate galaxy. If reception is positive, linguistic analysts and Pathfinder Team AIs should immediately begin deciphering the language of the extraterrestrials so that communication can be established.
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