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Andromeda Colonial Administration Defense Force

The ACADF is the all encompassing military command of all military assets accompanying the Colonization efforts. Consisting of the branches of Navy and Marines, it would also eventually take command of local Colonial Armies and be led by the ACADF High Command.

The ACADF ix split into three distinctive branches, Navy, Marines and Colonial Guard. Admirals are placed in charge of Naval Fleets and their respective attached Marine Units and they would come to be assigned sector commands of established colonies. Each fleet would adjust to best defend their sector, rarely leaving its patrol routes and being dedicated much to their respective colonies.


ACADF Marine Corps
The ACADF Marine Corps is the main ground and ship to ship combat component of the ACADF. The Marine Corps follows the tradition of both the Systems Alliance and the Turian Hierarchy. Legions of Marines are attached to Fleets and their command structure is similarly broken down with the fleets structure. Brigades are attached to Squadrons of Cruisers and specialized companies of marines are attached to the specialized light frigates of the fleet.

The ACADFMC follows the contemporary rank structure of the Milky Way. It’s ranks are filled with combat ready humanoid of almost every race in the frontline combat units with other species incorporated into support sections.

All the best equipment the milky way had to offer was bought by the initiative for the limited sized Corps to use. The best of every species technology along with their doctrines were adopted to be used under the command of the some of the best of the galaxies military minds.

There are two Marine Legions accompanying the two ACADF Navy Fleets that have initially entered the Andromeda Galaxy.


The ACADF Navy is the main defense component of the ACA ultimately commanding Colonial Guards, Marines, Fighter Wings and their own Ships. Admirals of the ACADF are given huge amounts of military power but are chosen from the best of the best and report directly to the ACA Nexus Council and more directly to the ACADF Chief Of Staff.

The ACADF Navy is comprised of two Fleets, one for each of the two wards. Both fleets are comprised of one carrier to act as a Space Control Vehicle, Two Dreadnoughts for the main firepower of the fleet and several squadrons of Cruisers and Wolfpack Frigate Flotillas. Both Fleets split up their squadrons, commanded by rear admirals and commodores, to protect the Arks on their colonization mission.

ACADF Colonial Guard

The ACADF Colonial Guard is a theoretical organization that has not yet come into fruition but is projected to alongside the establishment of colonies.

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