Andromeda Colonial Administration

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Andromeda Colonial Administration

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Andromeda Colonial Administration

The Andromeda Colonial Administration(Abbreviated ACA) is the main governing body of the Andromeda Initiative created to colonize and explore the Milky Way’s neighboring Andromeda galaxy. The ACA is governed by a ruling council with a member of each species representing their species needs similar to the Citadel Council of the Milky Way.

  • Nexus Council
  • Civilian Administration
  • Colonization Department
  • Andromeda Colonial Administration Defense Force
  • ACA Exploration Command

Nexus Council


Civilian Administration

The Civilian Administration wing of the ACA is the largest and most important wing of the Andromeda Initiative. This organization is in charge of every Ark as well as the Nexus and is also in charge of directing colonization efforts. The Civilian Administration is ultimately led by the ACA Council, however, each Ark is run by an administrator to report to the council and make decisions as to which courses of actions would best suit their species.

Once the colonies were established, the Civilian Administration was to establish and maintain a variety of departments everywhere from law to infrastructure on the multiple Milky Way colonies. At this point, elected leaders of the Colonies would replace Administrators on the Arks.

Colonization Department

The Colonial Department is the main organization under the Civilian Administration meant to create the first colonies of the ACA. Their tasks included everything from directing interspecies needs and supply to geological terrain survey. In theory, after the Arks means of colonization were depleted the Colonial Department would cease to be and their assets absorbed into the colonies themselves.

Andromeda Colonial Administration Defense Force
Main Article: ACADF
The ACADF is the all encompassing military command of all military assets accompanying the Colonization efforts. Consisting of the branches of Navy and Marines, it would also eventually take command of local Colonial Armies and be led by the ACADF High Command.

The ACADF ix split into three distinctive branches, Navy, Marines and Colonial Guard. Admirals are placed in charge of Naval Fleets and their respective attached Marine Units and they would come to be assigned sector commands of established colonies. Each fleet would adjust to best defend their sector, rarely leaving its patrol routes and being dedicated much to their respective colonies.

ACA Exploration Command

Andromeda Colonial Administration Exploration Command or ACAEC is an autonomous Military/Civilian organization whose sole responsibility is to scout and survey potential planets, threats and any other entities. This organization was placed under command of a Fleet Admiral but reported directly to the ACA Nexus Council. The majority of this organization is comprised of SR2 Class Stealth Frigates crewed by the best navy personnel and accompanied by the best civilian specialists and elite teams of specially trained Special Reconnaissance Marines all under the command of a Pathfinder.

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