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Milerrus Vaser

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Personnel Identification Information

Personnel Identification Image:
Archived picture of Milerrus, 2785:

Name: Milerrus Vaser the First
Aliases: Milerrus
Gender: Female
Species: Turian
Team Assignment: TBD
Position: Combat Team Biotics Specialist
Andromeda Initiative ID: 09371-10642-MV

Physical Appearance: 6'3" | Cream-Colored Carapace | Red, Simplistic Facepaint | Green Eyes | Andromeda Initiative Combat Armor | Light, Flanged Voice

Vocal Sample:
Nyreen Kandros as portrayed by Sumalee Montano in Mass Effect 3: Omega

Personnel Information

Turian Hierarchy:
Combat Training, Limited Biotics Training
Andromeda Initiative:
Biotics Training, Foreign Environment Survival Training
IPV Cannae:
Biotics: Shield [3/31/2785]
Firearms: M-15 Vindicator Certification [4/01/2785]
Education: Palaven Military School
Assignment: TBD, IPV Cannae
Operational Status: Active Duty
Previous Occupation: Third-class Turian Citizen
Class (if applicable): N/A
Awards and Decorations: N/A
Miscellaneous: N/A
Casualty Classification: N/A


Biotic Abilities



Throw, Pull, Singularity

Organization Relationships

Faction Allegiance:
Systems Alliance & Andromeda Initiative:
"Both hired me. One gave me a chance to flex my skills in combat -- if we ever run in to anything that bad -- and the other trained me up to what I am now, and gave me the chance to start over in a new galaxy. Never thought I'd be in another galaxy."
Listed Liked Factions:
Turian Hierarchy:
"It's what I was born into. Trained up for war, trained up to be honorable, to bring honor.. I'll always remember some of my instructors. Hardasses, but some of them were alright. Made me who I am today, for the most part."
Listed Disliked Factions:
The Citadel:
"Now, it sounds good on paper, right? A floating station that everyone can call their home, and all that good stuff. And I mean everyone. Regardless of species or.. whatever. But, the reality of it all is, the Citadel is weighed down by bureaucracy that makes just about any decision incredibly slow and.. sometimes lackluster. It's also got a few pretty under levels that are filled with all sorts of.. scum and villainy. I just can't help but shake the feeling that I owe some kind of debt to that place, even though I'm in an entirely different galaxy. Like all Turians owe a debt to that floating.. thing."
Listed Neutral Factions: All other Milky Way factions
Hostile Factions: None

Personal Relationships

Affectionate: None

"He seems to be an alright guy, for a Quarian. Took a few hits on our way to the Cannae, but.. he's fine, now. I hope."
Bobby Coleman:
"He seems to be a bit.. well, let's just say lacking in the head, but he's a fine guy. On top of that, he's a bit funny. I call 'em 'Cowboy' all the time, since that's his obsession."

Neutral: All unmet

Dr. Jiroth Linron:
"Our on-ship doctor guy. He talks way too fast, but he's a Salarian, so there's not much I can do about that. Don't know him yet, but maybe that'll come later."

Staff LT. West Coleman:
"Coleman died to save our crew. He was a stubborn guy, from the looks of it, maybe even the 'always wanted to die a hero' type. Always will hate the way he went out, though. Could've pulled the damn lever myself.."
Pathfinder Andre Allen:
"Our impromptu captain. Until further notice, he'll be leading us along and giving us our missions. He seems like a capable leader and combatant, even gave me access to the ship's databanks to improve my biotics."

"Well.. he's a god-damn AI. And we all know what happened on the Citadel. For all I know, he's gonna go berserk and tear the ship apart. But if the crew trusts him, I guess I'll trust him later down the line."

Hated: N/A


Personal History

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